Glass & Mirror Services, Inc.

Eddie Henline, Frederick, MD

While my eight employee company showed a 60% increase in sales over the past two years, the business began to run me.  My partner and I operated in crisis mode all the time and employees never knew what to prepare for in advance.  Morale was getting low and something had to be done. During the Strategic Performance Management (SPM) facilitation sessions, employees provided input to establish work operation systems, which focused on delegating duties appropriately and producing quality work.  I was really surprised by my employees’ enthusiasm for the sessions. It gave them a greater sense of ownership in the business. Now we have a centralized work schedule that all employees can view at any time.  The employees also helped establish an incentive program that rewards quality service and reduced materials waste.  My involvement in day-to-day operations and my stress level have decreased significantly.  Thanks HLA.