Richard Crouse & Associates, Inc.

Richard Crouse, Frederick, MD

Although I knew the operations end of aerial photography and photogrammetry (taking measurements for surveying and mapping), I had never run a business before.  So when I started my own aerial photography company, I needed help. I had no experience navigating the minefield of government regulations, which can be very time-consuming and discouraging. Carl Hildebrand worked with us from the very beginning to establish financial structures that take full advantage of tax benefits, and has been instrumental in helping us get financing. 

My business is extremely capital intensive. Both the aircraft and specialized camera equipment are high-ticket items. So the company’s ability to borrow money has been a major factor in my success. HLA prepared projections and helped me establish a good relationship with my bankers. They also analyzed my costs and income to set up a budget. They definitely saved us money through their knowledge and sound advice.