No matter how thorough your training process or how engaging your workplace, new hires -- even the most experienced -- are often overwhelmed. You can ease the way by assigning seasoned staffers as coaches.

Basically, coaches work shoulder-to-shoulder with new employees -- fielding questions, adjusting workloads, and walking them through the basics of their jobs. 

Here are a few considerations for an effective coaching program:

  • Assign coaches after your new recruits have completed training. It's a good way to ensure that new employees quickly apply the training to their jobs.
  • Give coaches the extra time to spend with new recruits. Adjust their work schedules accordingly.
  • If you're short-handed, train senior employees to coach groups of new hires.

Top managers may not want to put extra time and effort into a viable coaching system but consider the payoff: Studies have shown that coaching increases retention rates significantly and improves customer service.

What's more, skilled employees are likely to remain on board a lot longer if they feel that you understand their jobs and you're helping them achieve their goals.

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