Have you designed a profit plan for your company that includes serving customers extraordinarily well while generating meaningful profit opportunities for your company?

 Let's explore some profit opportunities that your business may be able to capture.

Look at:

Selection of Customers

Profit Discovery Process Questions:

             Which customers do you serve?

             Which customers do you want to serve?

             Which customers should you serve?

Finding Untapped Profit Opportunities for Your Firm:

             Which customers can you add both real and perceived value to?

Which customers will permit you to add greater value and allow you company to be more profitable?

Which customers should you not be doing business with because they will not permit you to profit from serving them? 

Look at:

Value Creation for Customers

Profit Discovery Process Question:

 How can you generate greater profits by creating greater value for customers?

Finding Untapped Profit Opportunities for Your Firm:

 What portion of the additional value you create for customers can you retain?

 What does your profit plan model – ways and tasks – look like to make this happen?

Look at:

Product and Service Differential

Profit Discovery Process Question:

 Can you and your profit team describe your product and service uniqueness to the degree that it reinforces your position with customers and protects your relationship, while contributing more successfully to your bottom line?

Finding Untapped Profit Opportunities for Your Firm:

How can you continue servicing customers so that they buy more from you?

Why are you better than your competition and how do you present your competitive advantage to customers and prospective customers in order to capture a more profitable market share?

Look at:

Knowing What Customers Expect from Your Company

Profit Discovery Process Question

Do you know what your customers expect from your company and how to exceed their expectations?

Finding Untapped Profit Opportunities for Your Firm:

Do you provide customers with the products and services they want from your company?

Do you survey customers to understand their needs?

Do you document your customers' expectations?

Finding the answers to the above mentioned questions will unharness previously unexploited profit opportunities.


We welcome the opportunity to make our years of experience available to you so that you may discover and achieve your bottom line potential.

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