Small incremental changes within your business can create new enthusiasm for your entire team…Performance Management made Simple!

Yon Carlson wrote in the book Moments of Truth, talking about his experience with Scandinavian Airlines, taking it from an $80million loss to an $80million profit over a two year period.  He said, “We didn’t set out to make one thing a 1000% better; in fact, we set out to make 1000 things 1% better.

Thankfully, most times it’s not a 1000 things.  There are usually 2 or 3 key activities that you absolutely must do to impact the profitability of our businesses.

How do we keep score in business?

We tend to look at it as: Revenue – Expenses = Profit

If we think of business only in terms of revenues and expenses, we miss the bigger picture…and finding what we call missed opportunities.

What are the hidden lost opportunities, hidden profit centers, hidden cost reductions that we could have leveraged? 

A company is made up of people performing various activities each day.  The lost opportunity is not measuring, managing and leveraging those activities on a real-time basis. 

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