If auctions or other events are part of your organization's fundraising operations,


you need software that's both practical and efficient. There are several Windows-based programs on the market created specifically for not-for-profit organizations. But before you buy, make sure the program can handle vital functions, including:

 Acquisitions. The system should allow for extensive tracking of all inventory in various categories. It should also include reporting facilities to indicate progress.


 Catalog. Some programs provide camera-ready catalog formats compatible with offset speed printers. This saves money and allows the auction committee to include last-minute items and revisions.


Silent bid sheets. These should contain all vital data and provide detailed information to participants prior to bidding. They may also include preprinted bid amounts, leaving only a space for the paddle number.

The right software can help your organization with an auction from the planning phase through the checkout process by sending out solicitation letters, entering inventory, providing bidder reports and printing invoices.  

Contact us. We can help your organization choose appropriate fundraising and auction software that can simplify tasks, provide a consistent framework for staff members, and allow for greater productivity and professionalism.

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