Advanced Business Solutions

Good companies become GREAT when they:

At HLA we support clients in their quest for GREATness with a variety of advanced business services.


Strategic Performance Management (SPM)

Let SPM take your business to new heights. For many years, Carl Hildebrand and Christine Limparis, have conducted this highly effective program that unravels the issues affecting work quality, company morale and profitability.



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SPM is based on the principle of "if you can measure it, you can manage it, and if you manage it, you can improve it.” You and your staff will redesign your work system to establish measurable work tasks, monitor your progress, and communicate that progress company-wide.

Call to learn about SPM.  It will quickly improve the quality of your business.

$COPE IT! - Your business tells a story!

Have you ever looked at your financial statements and asked, “If we made a profit, then where is the cash?” or “I’m working harder than ever.  Why am I not making more money?” If you have, you’re not alone. That’s because financial statements don't tell the whole story, but $COPE IT! does.


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$COPE IT! is a computer-based, interactive, visual translation tool that allows you to literally see how you made money, or lost opportunities.  You will see how even small changes in your present business operations can greatly improve profits…and cash.

$COPE IT! combines the very best of analysis tools – showing financial results, ratios, and what-if analyses. It can also combine financial and non-financial measures to create custom measures for every performance area of your business. You’ll learn about your growth, and just how good or bad that growth really was. Also see how cash was created (or destroyed) and understand ways to expand working capital, and much more.

Our clients find that $COPE IT! provides the inspiration and framework for changes that improve business. Call and learn more about this exciting service.

Profit EquationSM Roundtable

Do you feel as though an outside perspective of business leaders and business owners would make a difference in how you manage your business? Does talking with other entrepreneurs expand your creative thinking about management and operations? If so, consider joining HLA’s Profit EquationSM RoundTable.

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The RoundTable is a year-long, monthly instructional forum created for business owners and managers conducted in twelve, four-hour sessions. Every month, we introduce participants to a Fortune 500 management principal to boost operational efficiency, promote higher employee work standards, and increase profits. Between sessions, we give members the opportunity to implement the technique with assistance from RoundTable facilitators, Carl Hildebrand and Christine Limparis. Participants reconvene the following month and discuss progress and benefits they experienced.

As the program starts, Carl and Christine will assist each RoundTable member individually in creating a customized Strategic Action Plan.  This plan will serve as the benchmark by which you can monitor and measure your success throughout the entire program.   

Re-energize your management skills by joining this inspiring forum.