Estate Planning

Saving for your children’s education, purchasing a second home, deciding when and how to retire — these are all topics that people talk about with their friends and their financial advisers, but one topic is often passed over: what will happen to your money if you die? Unfortunately, avoiding the topic doesn’t mean it won’t happen.  At some point, someone will have to sort out your estate, regardless of its size. Proper estate planning is crucial to protecting what took you a lifetime to earn.

The IRS and individual states can impose steep taxes on the transfer of the wealth you’ve worked so hard to build, with rates going to as high as 50%...fortunately, there are exceptions!  Starting now, there are ways to structure your estate so that you pay little or no taxes when the assets are transferred. 

Proper estate planning accomplishes two major objectives — it ensures your wealth is distributed according to your wishes, and it can reduce federal and state tax payments. With many of our clients being family-owned businesses, we specialize in helping families equitably transfer family business wealth.

Our Estate Planning service offerings include:

Estate Planning - Window of Opportunity 

Good news: The federal estate tax exemption (ETE) is $5,120,000 for singles and $10 million for married couples, with a 35% maximum tax rate.

Bad news: This law expires on December 31, 2012. So, what changes does this new law bring and, more importantly, what steps should you take to ensure your estate plan stands the test of time? For more information, please contact us.